Aluminum & Vinyl Siding

Aluminum & Vinyl Siding

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Siding is the exterior view of your home and the weatherproof layer protecting all the layers beneath it, such as the building paper, sheathing, wall studs, insulation and then, of course, your interior. Like the body of your car, its first job is to hold together and save all the elements within; its second function is to do it stylishly. Along with expert installation by Cheshire Roofing and Alcoa Products you’ll have a winning combination.

Alcoa Products

Backed by Alcoa best-in-business warranties, their innovative vinyl and aluminum siding products were constructed to out perform and outshine any other brand, and come in an endless array of colors that reflect your personal style.

The places where siding deteriorates quickest are:

Where holes are created to install vents or pipes

Where it has contact with bushes and treetops

Around the chimney and downspouts

Under the eaves, doors and windows

At or near ground level

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